Jacket Required ss15 – Godspeed Goods, Mr.Black and Harry Stedman


        On a bright baking sunny Wednesday, Burtonwode made the short journey from the stuffy office on Commercial St to the Jacket Required SS/15 event at the Truman Brewery to see if we could scope out whats fresh. With no motive other than interest, we pick out those brands and items which caught […]

Bucket hats are back..and just in time for the World Cup !!


With World Cup fever upon us….and with 1990 twenty four years ago, and agreeably retro, the spirit of ’90 is back with a vengence. What started out as a trickle has turned into a torrent that by the end of the summer with feel like overkill. So, if you cant beat them…join them….dust off your […]

Paul Smith- 9 Albermarle St a Journey in Style


I’m rarely in the West End, but when I am I always used to enjoy a trip to 9 Albermarle St, where the remarkable Paul Smith Furniture and assorted expensive niceties shop was located. The shop ever failed to amaze. The shop was full of folly and irreverence. My favorite piece I recall from there […]

Fashion Show Darling – Oliver Spencer A/W 14


I’ve been blessed with many experiences in my 31 years on the planet, ranging from running with the Bulls in Pamplona  (Just in case you needed proof…..also…this is probably the only photo where I am even doing anything remotely cool…so may as well trot it out) to watching Liverpool win the European Cup in Istanbul….and […]

Some Kickin Live Performances

Johnny Winter,  03/06/70 San Francisco, CA

I’ve slacked of late…but for a while back there…#bigtunes was a #regularfeature on the Burtonwode . I like to listen to all sorts of music…..but there is a focus on Blues/Country and Funk if I had to say anything….anyway…here a just a few that I like to listen to for your enjoyment!! Stevie Ray Vaughn […]


Burtonwode Loungewear (Pyjamas) ….. in the house

Burtonwode Loungewear Sitting

The moment the waiting world has been waiting for. Burtonwode loungewear (basically pyjamas but better) finally here! In truth…they’ve been out for a little while…but we wanted to get these shots in before making it official. well. Its official now. Enjoy. Shop the collection here

Price Hike……Why??

It is with some regret that we have taken the difficult decision to increase the price of our wares from £26 to £35. It was not an easy decision to arrive at but we felt that it was necessary. Burtonwode has customer service at its very core so in the interests of transparency we want […]

Loungewear?…..Vejamas?…..whatever their called….they’re here (soon)..and dang comfortable.


Not wanting to name the new wears as Pyjamas …which are mainly seen as sleepwear…this new Burtonwode range is to be seen as for loafing around the house in more than sleeping…although feel free to doze should the mood strike!! Here is a bit of technical info to go with the images…and keep your eyes […]

Labels Labels……and Loungewear

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 16.36.45

I’m excited. You should also be excited…for me…then for yourselves. The fabled Loungewear is on the horizon, and just to prove it we have done some pretty sexy new labels to go on them. Here they are. When I say that we have designed them…I really mean the super smart team at Everything In Between […]

BIG TUNES and Scouse ones too…..


All good things must come to an end….and that with that our 100 Jokes in 100 Days is sadly no more. Many of you are beyond relieved that my tirade of crap jokes has ended….some of you are sad to see them go. Most of the latter people are most likely old farts who love […]


Time Out

Time Out

Its always nice to get surprises and last week the suprise came in the form of a Time Out London feature. Although our roots are in Liverpool…we get our Boxer shorts manufactured in London…hence the shout out. Many thanks!!

Eddie Redmayne + Burtonwode Boxershorts = The Smart Fit

Eddie Redmayne Burtowode Boxershorts

                      What can I say. The guy has taste. Choosing Burtonwode Boxer Shorts as his favourite accessory, Mr. Redmayne shows he’s a smarty pants off screen as well as on (he plays Steven Hawking in his next role).  Regularly featured in the best dressed list the world […]

Yes Sir!!!

Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 15.55.14

A tasty little piece from top purveyor of mens health and skin care products Yes Sir!! For some reason they decided to ask yours truly about what products I use….answers below!! FASHION MEETS GROOMING: BURTONWODE 24 / February / 2014 Frustrated by a lack of dedicated underwear for men, artist and designer David Huglin set […]

Tusk Journal

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 17.30.23

This was a while back….and our prices have gone up since then…but the nice people at Tusk Journal printed this nice interview with us back in November. Check them out at Since then they have printed a paperback version of they’re mag ….which has sold out…so well done them! Must be doing something right!! […]

GQ, in the Hizouzz…


The Magazine doesnt really need any sort of intro….!! GQ featured Burtonwode in Decembers 25th Anniversary feature on the 25 essential Gifts section. One word. Result!! Thanks again. Heres a crappy photo of the spot!! In a slight side issue…just want to take this opportunity to say hi to Mr.Nick Carvell (online Editor). He has […]