Burtonwode Loungewear (Pyjamas) ….. in the house

Burtonwode Loungewear (Pyjamas) ..... in the house

The moment the waiting world has been waiting for. Burtonwode loungewear (basically pyjamas but better) finally here! In truth…they’ve been out for a little while…but we wanted to get these shots in before making it official. well. Its official now. Enjoy. Shop the collection here

Price Hike……Why??

It is with some regret that we have taken the difficult decision to increase the price of our wares from £26 to £35. It was not an easy decision to arrive at but we felt that it was necessary. Burtonwode has customer service at its very core so in the interests of transparency we want […]

Loungewear?…..Vejamas?…..whatever their called….they’re here (soon)..and dang comfortable.

Loungewear?.....Vejamas?.....whatever their called....they're here (soon)..and dang comfortable.

Not wanting to name the new wears as Pyjamas …which are mainly seen as sleepwear…this new Burtonwode range is to be seen as for loafing around the house in more than sleeping…although feel free to doze should the mood strike!! Here is a bit of technical info to go with the images…and keep your eyes […]

Labels Labels……and Loungewear

Labels Labels......and Loungewear

I’m excited. You should also be excited…for me…then for yourselves. The fabled Loungewear is on the horizon, and just to prove it we have done some pretty sexy new labels to go on them. Here they are. When I say that we have designed them…I really mean the super smart team at Everything In Between […]

BIG TUNES and Scouse ones too…..

BIG TUNES and Scouse ones too.....

All good things must come to an end….and that with that our 100 Jokes in 100 Days is sadly no more. Many of you are beyond relieved that my tirade of crap jokes has ended….some of you are sad to see them go. Most of the latter people are most likely old farts who love […]

Mr.Boy – He’s a VGB (Very Good Boy) – A Jacket Required Round Up

Mr.Boy - He's a VGB (Very Good Boy) - A Jacket Required Round Up

I was fortunate enough to show at Jacket Required this year and to meet lots of nice people. Amongst them was the irrepressibly dapper Karlmond. Just marvel at that quiff…surly one of the natural (or is it man made) wonder of the world. He dug the PJ’s (that will be coming out soon) and generally […]

Jacket Required…Roll Up…Roll Up

Jacket Required...Roll Up...Roll Up

I went to this show last year…and was so impressed, I had to break my Trade Show Duck by showing here this time round.The atmosphere was very convivial and it seemed like everybody was having a pretty decent time of it. Musto impressed me that time as being a very solid and dependable brand who […]

Burtonwode, British Humour…and 100 Jokes in 100 Days

Burtonwode, British Humour...and 100 Jokes in 100 Days

Britain is a funny place. Miserable…but funny. In its own unique way. Pinning down what exactly is British Humour is no easy task. Somewhere, somehow, Burtonwode connects with that fine mysterious tradition. Not in a Benny Hill, titties and chasing women around and around kind of way (although that also has its place)…or even a […]

The Boutique Life

The Boutique Life

Boutique. According to the OED: 1) a small shop selling fashionable clothes or accessories. 2) a business serving a sophisticated or specialized clientele The terms been around for ages, right? Wrong. According to the Gospel of Wikipedia the term ’boutique” did not enter the English vernacular until the late 1960’s, with the blossoming of the […]

Springtime is here (you probably hadnt noticed….) Discount Bonanza!!

Springtime is here (you probably hadnt noticed....) Discount Bonanza!!

To “celebrate” the arrival of Spring (yes I know that officially its late and all that….but the weaher has hardly made it noticable!!) we doing our first promotional discount. Yes that right…you heard…DISCOUNT!! %33 off and FREE SHIPPING!! Works out at £20 a pair for all the Birds in the Bush and Pink Boxershorts (their […]