Seafoam Lounge Pants

Classic Loungewear, Made in England – 100% Cotton


Whether its for slipping on after work, a quick stroll to the local shops or for bed, this item is guaranteed fit for purpose in the best of style and comfort. Designed with comfort as the cornerstone, but with stylish elan, the red stitches add a flash of colour detail and the colour is a contemporary cooling Seafoam.  Suitable for both sexes, you and your partner can lounge in ultimate luxury.

Construction and Detail

Deep pockets allows for both a nonchalet pose, and storage. The fly has been removed to suit unisex outdoor use. Itchy labels on the waistband are the bane of our existence, so we’ve located ours discreetly at the bottom trouser. The fit is airy and complimentary to all shapes and sizes. Lastly the waistband is tunnel banded to ensure a gentle caress, not an unseemly elastic pinch on your skin!!


The cotton is of the highest order (a 2/100s x 2/100s Poplin weave). In order to have a yarn that has been finely spun as  a 100’s we have to start with the finest “long staple cotton”. The result is a quality fabric that is durable, silky soft and has a natural sheen.

From: £60 £24