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A tasty little piece from top purveyor of mens health and skin care products Yes Sir!! For some reason they decided to ask yours truly about what products I use….answers below!!

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24 / February / 2014

Frustrated by a lack of dedicated underwear for men, artist and designer David Huglin set about creating something that combined his artistic vision with a commitment to comfort and customer service and British underwear brand Burtonwode was born. David Hugin talks with The Salon about designing boxer shorts, grooming and his favourite fragrances.

What inspired you to become a designer?
I always had an interest in the Arts as a whole, but it wasn’t until I was forced to sit in a room at school to do homework that I started practising. I started reading How to Draw on the Right Hand Side of The Brain by Betty Edwards and everything stemmed from there. I really connected with the concept that drawing was more to do with how to begin to look at thing differently as opposed to innate hand eye coordination. It was a life lesson that I have tried to apply to my whole life…just to step back, re-evaluate and start looking at things in different and new ways.

What sort of customer do you design for? I’ve really struggled with this question in a way. First and foremost I design for myself. Not in a egotistical way…but I just feel that it’s the best way to provide a genuine product. In regards to a ‘target market’ I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t start with one in mind, but ultimately I just want to make product at a really good price, with quality and consideration throughout. I’d hate the brand to become ‘exclusive’. I’m not saying that its a cheap garment, because its not, but I can look you in the eye and honestly say that for what you are getting (Printed in England, Made in Britain, the quality of stitching etc.), I couldn’t get it to you for any less. If I wanted to make money quickly I’d be doing something else….I promise you that! In my mind, I day dream about somebody receiving a pair of Burtonwode PJ’s for Christmas and spending the whole of Boxing day luxuriating in them, please as punch (or Egg Nog if you’re American).

What grooming products do you use? I’m a pretty low maintenance guy so I don’t use very many products. I steal my wife’s shampoo and conditioner which sometimes drivers her crazy. I think it’s Kerastase, and it’s probably wasted on me. I like a good body scrub in the shower rather than just a body wash. Aromatherapy Associates Natural Exfoliating Grains have just the right texture and of course, a great scent. My wife introduced me to Cetaphil cleaner for my face since my skin tends to be a bit dry (especially in the Winter). Usually that’s enough to keep my skin in good nick, but on days when it’s really parched, I’ll use a bit of Kiehls Facial Fuel. Lastly I alternate between two colognes: CK Be and Commes des Garcons 2.

How much time do you allot for your daily grooming? I rarely have the time to plan anything, let alone set aside time for grooming. That’s why I like functional products that are easy and quick to use. I probably spend about 15 minutes a day on grooming, but that’s including time spent in the shower.

Are there any grooming products you can’t live without? Definitely moisturiser. I sometimes get a bit of eczema on my hands so a good lotion is really important. I’ll use whatever is handy (ha ha) but my favourite is my wife’s Creme de Corps from Keihls. I really hope she doesn’t read this.

Do you have any secret grooming tips that you live by? There is nothing wrong with trying out different colognes, but I love the idea of a signature scent. I’ve been wearing the same two scents for years and they have become something of a trademark. If you find something that you love, make it your own.

What are your favourite men’s fragrances and why? Actually my favourite scents are both unisex. CK be reminds me of the 1990’s and being young. It’s amazing how a smell can evoke such powerful memories. It’s just such a classic and it takes me back. Commes des Garcons 2 is a bit more complex than CKbe. Sort of a spicy, woody scent but with lots of fresh top notes so it’s not too heavy for the summertime. I think both of these colognes have really distinctive personalities. People often recognise the scents without knowing exactly what they are.

What would be your one Desert Island Grooming Product of Choice? It would definitely be sunscreen since I burn pretty easily in the sun. Something like Clinique M Protect SPF21 because it’s a moisturiser with an added SPF. Anything that can do double duty is probably a safe bet for a desert island.


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